First, the cost of wave power compared to some other known types of energy. 

The total cost of wave power for each unit of power is 8 times higher then nuclear power.  Coal costs about the same as nuclear and geothermal power costs about 16 times less than wave power. Wave power has the highest total cost for each unit of power and if we want to change that we need more research.

Now lets compare the waste materials generated from the different energy sources.

Wave power, like many other ”Green” energies produce little to no waste products, which compared with coals high amount of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and nuclear fissions highly toxic nuclear waste is a huge plus.   Geothermal energy also do not produce a lot of waste.

Lets finish with comparing the locations which the different energy sources can be used.

Wave power can only be implemented at sea where there are waves, wave power also have limits on where at sea it can be placed and if placed elsewhere it would not work as efficient or you would need extra parts which would increase costs. Nuclear powerplants can be built almost anywhere but its recommended to avoid earthquake heavy zones for safety. Coal powerplants can also be built wherever but preferably close to coal mines and far away from cities. Geothermal power can only be used in areas with high geothermal activity such as Iceland.

To conclude Wave power may not be the cheapest or the most efficient power source, but it makes use of the sea, a place we currently do not really use for generating electricity.