Green Energy – The harnessing of wave power does not produce any harmful green house gases
Consistent Energy – The harnessing of wave power is possible throughout the year the energy harvest is greatly increased during winter. Out on the ocean during winter less than a half square mile of ocean generate more than 30MK of power.
Large quantity of energy – The estimated energy produced along the shores is around 30-40Kw every one meter. It’s not uncommon to find around 100kW of energy out on the ocean.
Renewable – The energy share the common source that most green energy use which is the sun.(The Wind Cycle)
Production costs – To add to the constant energy production it has low operation and labor cost with the exception of initial installation costs or device breakdowns.
Material usage – There is no additional costs for material used for making or harnessing the energy like coal energy or nuclear power.
Shoreline Protection – By capturing the kinetic energy it can prevent damage to shorelines. Which in turn save tourism locations.

Marine life – With the installation of the WEC(Wave Energy Converter) there is the risk of damaging the local marine life around the areas that the devices will be build at. Depending on the WEC the operation of wave harnessing as well can damage the marine life and birds.
Welfare – Of shores WEC unites could ruin the local fishing and damage the peoples welfare in the area with the damage to the fish life and restriction of using fish nets. The WEC unites could force sea transports away from their normal routes and force them to redirect them through more dangerous areas. Or could become the reason for serious sea accidents.
Potential pollution – Unless all transports fuel gets exchange for electricity or another green energy within five years there will be potential oils spills form the ships used for maintenance and repairs for the WEC unites. There is also pollution dangers from the maintenance fluids used in the machinery like hydraulic fluids for the hydraulic rams, power trains like lubricating oils, anti-corrosion and biofouling paints.
Shore damage – Depending on the WEC unite and it’s placement the unite could create coastal erosion due to alteration of the currents and waves. Which could ruin tourist attractions and tourist activities like swimming, diving and water skiing and other water sports. There is potential of loud operational noise which can ruin the area for people to live and or be around, this however can be masked by the natural noises made around the area the same can’t be said for the marine life it could be devastating for dolphins and whales