Possible future development of Wave Power

In the future your lamps can lit up by the help of the waves of the Baltic sea. In about 20 years give or take. Scientist, inventors, engineers believe that the technology  will be developed enough that wave power can be widely used as an energy source.

There is good news for the future of wave power. Not only does the technology for tidal energy continue to get better and more cost competitive, there is also a growing interest in this wide-open field of study.

Another strength of wave energy, study suggests that its short-term generation capacity can be predicted with a high accuracy over a time scale ranging from minutes to hours. And with some accuracy even seasonally or annually.

In 2010 the project ”oyster2” was  tested and since the first oyster the ”oyster 2″was capable of giving electricity to 12000 homes instead of 9000 and made 50% bigger then the first one.

A possible development of the future of wave power is the ”Wave oyster farms” which has been discussed since 2007 and 2010 it was said to be 20% of the electricity resources made from every energy source. And later 2020 40% of the electricity resources and 2025 50%. Which is a big amount of electricity from just one energy source, its also stated that the ”new green might be the blue”.


David Melander