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Filmed and edited by Tilda Sahlberg.


As our inspiration we chose to work and develop a tesla model X.

“Model X is the safest, fastest and most capable SUV in history. It comes with a standard AWD system and has a battery size of 100 kWh, which provides a range up to 565 km, and space for up to seven adults and their luggage. Model X is also ridiculously fast, with an acceleration form 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. Model X is a SUV without compromise.” – Tesla






© Tilda Sahlberg.

Interview with a proud owner of Tesla model X

To easier show our project and to easily visualize a car with solar panels. We decided to create a body to the car in Autodesk Inventor. You can see the results down below. We made a body of Tesla Model S.

I have recently interviewed Steinar Andersen, he is an owner of a Tesla model X. He bought the car in November 2016. When I asked him if he was happy with the car, he just said ” I am hooked on electric cars. They are so quiet to drive, good for the environment and they accelerate powerfully. My car has 580 hp, so this engine can go from 0 km/h to 100 km/h in only 3,3 seconds. The difference between a regular car and a electric car is that you can get full force directly. Next car I buy will absolutely be an electric car.”

If you want to buy a Tesla the price ranges from 880 000 SEK to 1 6932 500 SEK. You can even lease a car and the monthly cost is about 9000 SEK to 15 000 SEK.

There are many types of cars, the cars that are driven on fossil fuels are not good for the environment because they contribute to a higher average temperature in the atmosphere. Which makes the polar ices melt and the animals that live there endangered.

So how can we solve this big problem? We can’t change everything in one day. But one solution to this is to stop driving cars that are not BEV, Battery electric vehicle, HEV, Hybrid electric vehicle or PHEV, Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle .

How much more will it cost to buy an Electric car compared a regular car? The purchase price of an electric car is currently up to 200 000 higher than a regular car, because lithium batteries are so far very expensive. There is a hope for that price should fall in line with production increases.

How long time can you drive on one charge?

The development in batteries has been rapid in recent years, electric cars can drive at least 100 km in a single charge, which is more than daily transporter. The range is affected by how much the car’s air conditioning and heating systems are used. Experiences from the pure electric cars test fleet to the contract shows that the range is reduced at temperatures below zero to a range in about 70 km.

Is it an risks of charging a car? To charging a massproduced into a grounded outdoor socket is very safe and not more risky than to connect any other electrical equipment anywhere else.