The lifestyle of being independent and ecological has grown, people nowadays want to make their own, green energy. Solar panels are one of the most efficient ways, but a lot of people don’t know how to put them up, what they cost and if they’ll even make money of it. There are some myths and also some problems with panels that hopefully will have a solution in just a few years.


Solar panels are one of the best way to produce your own energy, but it only works when the sun’s out, so in the winter, at night or on a cloudy day you won’t get any energy so you’ll have to have another source of energy to your home.
The panels are expensive but your county can give some financial support, but it’s a long waiting time and it’s not always certain that you’ll even get it.
The panels itself has to be installed, which cost money if you don’t do it by yourself. That can be hard and heavy and it’s a lot of things that has to be in the right place so that the panel will work efficient.


Some of the things that we think would make people buy solar panels is
cheaper panels, or a guarantee that your country will give some financial support and that the waiting time isn’t as long as it is now.
Easier installation, so that everyone can put it on the roof without a whole team.
That it would be easier to save energy to the winter or to sell it to electricity companies so that the energy you don’t use goes wasted.
That you could sell the energy in the summer that you don’t use to your electricity supplier and then buy it back in the winter for the same price you sold it for. That way you won’t loose any money!
Have smaller cheaper portable panels that you can have while camping or sailing and don’t have access to electricity
Have financial support to the summer cottage, that isn’t connected to the powerlines, that wants to install solar panels.

Positive aspects of solar panels.
Your house will be more attractive on the market since it’s a thing many people want.
You’ll save money on producing your own electricity.
You’ll be a part of the population that saves the world if you’re only using green energy.