Plastic packing is recycled into new raw material

With plastic packaging we mean both hard and soft packaging’s. Different plastic types have different chemical compositions. Therefore every plastic packaging´s can´t get mixed at recycling. At a sorting facility the packaging’s gets sorted after which sort of plastic they are to later become new material. Therefore the plastic packaging´s should be left loose in to the collection containers.

Soft and hard packaging´s get´s collected in all municipalities in Sweden, but it all happens in two different ways. The most common way is that every packaging get´s collected together. The other way is to collect them in separate containers, soft and hard separately. You can see which way your municipality uses by looking at the marking on the collection containers. The reason why there are two ways to collect packaging’s is that it is now are slowly going away from energy recovery of the soft packaging´s to now recycle them into new material.

The mutual collection of soft and hard packaging´s goes to the recycling. In the municipalities were the soft packaging´s gets collected separately goes still for energy recovery.  In s few years all municipalities will have a mutual collection and all plastic packaging´s will be recycled to new material.


To recycle aluminum a massive amount of energy is required. But the aluminum can also get recycled endless amount of times. To recycle aluminum there needs to be at least 95% less energy then to recycle new aluminum.  Of all bauxite, which you recycle aluminum of 75% of it is still in use. The aluminum bales gets later on transported with railway to a smeltery and there the aluminum cans become liquid. Of the liquid a multiple kilometers long sheet is made. The sheet gets later sent to the can factory. It´s important that we make sure to recycle the aluminum cans because they can get recycled forever, so next time you buy a beverage  make sure to recycle it instead of throwing it away.