We’re a Group from Westerlundska High school that’s oriented towards enginnering and technique. We got a task to create find or improve something that already exist, to improve the Environment.

My Groups idea is to improve the way  we charge Electric cars. The idea is simple, instead of charging the car with a Cable (like you fuel a normal car) we’re gonna have stations with employees that takes your old battery and gives you a new one that you can attach into the car. The new car battery will be attachable and detachable to every type of car, which means every car needs the same battery socket etc. After you give the old empty battery to the employee, the employee recharge the battery, reusing the ”Shell”.  If the Shell is reused, we can lower the production of car batteries which is good, because we use a rare mineral called ”Lantan” in the batteries and that mineral is sonn to be emptied.