The thing about passive houses is that they are really isolated to keep the warmth inside so the cost of keeping the house warm and the environmental footprint is drastically reduced compared to the alternative ways like geothermal heating and the current solar cells. Even tough the cost of building a passive house is 5% more than building a normal house, in the long run it will be more Eco friendly and the price will be lower than the price for the energy that’s used to keep the regular houses warm.


How does it work?

The plan with the house is to keep the warmth inside of the house as efficient as possible. The walls and roof are built with 50 cm of isolation. In that way the heat won’t escape the house as quickly as it would do in normal houses. The windows are strategically placed low so that in the summer the sun doesn’t transform the house in to a sauna, while the low winter sun shines in so that the house takes up as much energy and heat as possible. The windows are three thick layers of glass that helps the sun to heat up the house  but is still thick enough to keep the warmth in from the biting winter cold. The roof will also help keep the warmth away in the summers.


Possible additions

If this now would not be enough, there are additions to the passive house, where it would fit with either an FTX systems, heat pumps, or if you want to be a zero-energy, you’re welcome to use solar cells.



FTX system is a ventilation system that is a fan-driven supply and exhaust air system. Its advantage is that the user has full control over the amount of fresh air that your home will take in, it is flexible, robust and a cost-effective system. Anyone who chooses to invest in this need to have a duct system to make it more efficient to move the used and fresh air. The used air is then transported through a heat recovery unit to use the energy that is normally wasted to heat the air entering. With this, you get better air quality indoors air and save energy.

Sun cells

If you really want a zero energy house, we recommend to use solar panels as a complementary energy resource to power your eventual heat pumps.


Air/Water heating

Air and water heating is perfect for you who don’t want to or are unable to rebuild or dig in your yard. It is an easily installed system that uses the outdoors air to refresh the hot air inside. The system also reuses the heat from the warm water in taps and showers.



Our suggestion

We want the people to know about the passive houses advantages so that we in Sweden can take a step towards a greener society. If the people only want passive houses, the housing market will change to both the peoples and the environments advantage. We will use less energy so the environment will become better, and we don’t spend as much money to buy energy to heat our houses. If we in Sweden pushes this idea forward and makes it the norm, we hope that the trend will grow in the rest of the world too, so we can help the world against the global warming.