Solar power is the largest energy source available to us, dwarfing all other source, renewable and non-renewable. Approximately 36,000 Terawatts of power could be captured by land based solar power generation, compared to current global energy use of around 16 TW. As a result, most of the plans floated for shifting to 100 % renewable energy rely primarily on solar power.

Solar power is not only the largest energy source available to us but it is also the fastest growing energy source, with solar power generation increasing by over 58% in 2012.

There are a number of options for harnessing solar power – power generation using solar photovoltaic cells and solar thermal arrays along with passive solartechniques such as solar hot water heaters.

We have been of the view that solar thermal power generation would become our most important source of power in the longer term. This view was based on a number of advantages that solar thermal possesses, it does not require rare or expensive materials (enabling it to scale without hitting resource limits), it can be built on (and is best suited to) arid land that has few other uses, it can incorporate energy storage (thus avoiding the intermittency issue), it is compatible with the existing centralised generation model and it can be combined with traditional sources of power generation (coal or gas) in hybrid power plants that allow an easy transition using existing connections to the electricity grid.

An area of desert around 250 km by 250 km covered with solar thermal power generation could supply all the world’s current electricity demand.


One of the biggest global issues nowadays is the overflow of carbon dioxide and the problem is that the majority of producers only use fossil fuel in the power stations.

If the problem would have been so easy to solve – to solar panel the Sahara desert – produce electricity all over the planet with only the 250 by 250 km solar panel-park- it would already have been in work. Because of the collective and the large area, the project would cause a lot of problems.

One of the problems, maybe the most important if you have some kind of sympathy in your body – the animality, the animals and the insects. There are thousands of different creatures in the dessert, big and small, above and beneath the ground, they are actually living in the Sahara. If we would put this solar-park up in the middle of Sahara that is 250 by 250 km, it will definitely destroy a thousand of lives. It wouldn’t only remove their homes, there are animals that got transfer-ways and the consequences of this project would definitely exterminate one and another type of creature. And if there is some kind of creature that gets exterminated, it will lead to even more extermination because every little creature is important in every animals food cycle.

It can sound a bit corny, but generally the human underestimate how important the animals are to us, they do a lot more than we image – therefore we have to be careful with those creatures that are still alive.


In case that the solar-park would produce and divide power all over the world, we would stumble into even more problems, considering all the global problems and conflicts that we already got on our planet. It could case even more global conflicts and I expect that the majority don’t want another world war.

Because of our current situation in the world – countries got problems to agree each other, it is most unlikely that those countries would deal with a global electricity-collective that produces power all over the world.

It is about a solar-park with an area of 250 by 250 km, there’s a lot of investments and deals that should have been done. And which country or countries would sign those deals? How would we divide the investments, should it depend on a country’s BNP or maybe the size of population. We will bounce into even more problems the deeper we dig into this project, we are going to strike into unfairness and so on. There’s a lot of problems and questions that has to be solved before we set this thing in work.

If our planet would have been a been a better place, without all these conflicts and problems, that we actually could accept each other as we are, there’s a small, very small chance that this projects could be a fact, but as I mentioned, there’s a lot of problem that should be solved before we even wonder a blueprint of this park.