Communal buses powered by remote control

Idea and background 

Our society is in a constant development. Technology becomes more relevant than ever. We stay looking for ways to make our life get more effective. Since the  climate changes in the world is a big threat we need to also find ways for people to be more eco-friendly. We have a vision. Our idea is to make the communal buses be driven by remote control.

Even though communal buses is not the biggest threat against the environment doesn’t mean that we can´t improve it. If the busses are driven by remote, that means that they can be powered by electricity.

Automatic trucks

In many industries we already have  automatic trucks  that is programmed in a way that makes the whole process more effective. The automatic trucks also makes it cheaper for the warehouses because they don’t need to hire as much people to do the whole process. The trucks does the job. There are also some trucks who´s driven by autopilot. The autopilot is powered by a laser control technology.

Self-driven cars

Electric cars is getting bigger and bigger in todays market of cars. The leading brand in this technology is Tesla. Tesla sells cars that are completely powered by electricity. The Tesla cars is not just environmental friendly, but they can also be self-driven. The vehicles eight surround cameras provides 360 degree visibility around the car at up to 250 meters of range. The vision is complemented by twelve updated ultrasonic sensors which allows the detection of objects.

Our solution

Our solution is to make all the communal buses be powered by electricity and be driven by remote control from a controlroom. This makes buses an even more eco-friendly alternative to your regular car. There won´t be a driver in the bus. This means that the bus can be in traffic all the time without having to change driver. The bus can take up to 50 passangers. When the bus stops to pick up people, it can automaticly be charged. This makes the bus capable of driving a long way without running out of power.