By: Emma, Victor, Andreas and Vilma


Trucks is one of the largest leading transport alternative for imports and exports in most countries, even in Sweden and Europe. 2012, trucks represent 75% of all freight that occurred through the country, the number of trucks in each country depends on how big the country is and how the country’s infrastructure looks like. A big country with good infrastructure have more trucks than a smaller country with poor infrastructure. In 2012 there were around 34 million trucks throughout Europe, the density of the trucks were ranging from 33 vehicles / 1000 inhabitants in Croatia, while in Cyprus was the whole 132 pieces / 1000 inhabitants. Unfortunately the trucks release out an amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, since 1990 emissions from trucks increased by 20%.

The reason that the traffic volume has increased is the volume of goods has been relatively constant and efficacy seen from climate change has not become worse. In the mid-2000s developed a remediation system that was used to reduce exhaust emissions. However, did not result in any reduction of emissions, since the weight of heavy trucks has increased every year. Within the EU, the European Commission developed a strategy for how we can reduce the large amounts of carbon dioxide from heavy transport. An important part of this strategy is to develop a standard measurement and declaration of heavy vehicle fuel consumption and their emissions of carbon dioxide. By developing these values ​​it helps when you use these factors in the selection of new trucks.

Although about a revision of transport as to be as environmentally friendly as possible, they are usually only a fraction of a product overall environmental impact. The reason is that it is much more energy efficient to transport many things simultaneously. But stacks that it is more energy efficient,  has an average volume of goods / each truck decreased, in connection with a extremely increased truck traffic. The reason to this can be because of the requirements for quick delivery constantly increases. More boxes can make the world transport more environmentally friendly. You can avoid unnecessary detours by reducing transport distances as much as possible. You can focus on the available choice of goods and products, how they are produced and developed. In most cases, you can find a kinder solution as resulting in less emissions and negative impact in the environment.


What can we do to reduce road transport’s impact on the environment? We have come up with five ways on how to reduce the environmental impact of transport. These are; electric vehicles, environmentally friendly fuel, better and smarter packaging of cargo, tougher laws on emissions, fuels and reduce transport in general.

Today the majority of the trucks of diesel. The diesel is a fossil fuel and when to consume this affected the environment we live in. If we use electricity as fuel for trucks, emissions are reduced dramatically because electricity is a renewable energy source. But of course there’s also a negative side to this. It comes to producing electricity in an environmentally friendly way, an example of environmentally friendly production of electricity can be through solar cells. Where you find the energy of sun rays and converts it into electrical energy (conservation of energy). Another thing to put in the ratings is the cost.

To manufacture electric trucks is expensive, then required to maintain them in the form of changing the batteries which is also expensive. Another way to reduce emissions is to reduce the number of transports. How could we do that? By filling trucks efficiently. Today most of the trucks contains gaps. One of the reasons for this are the objects cartons shipped in, because of the standards, it is difficult to package the items in an efficient way. Often the items in a far too large cardboard surrounded by lots of padding material. If instead you can personalize a box so you don’t carry a lot of unnecessary air which in turn leads to can carry more objects simultaneously, thus reducing the number of shipments. In Enköping their is a company (Pack Size AB) working to produce machines that can fold custom cartons.