A British gym is the first one in the world where the users generate it’s own electricity. The machines are called ARTIS by Technogym and the bikes, cross trainers and vario machines will each produce around 100 W per hour back into the building power supply. The gym’s new treadmills will use 30 % less electricity and generate enough power to generate their own screens.

The Edge, a fitness, sport and wellbeing complex at Leeds University, has also installed green machines. In mars 2015 the members generated a total of 574 kWh of power, saving 258 kg of carbon dioxide according to the gym. They said is was enough power to power a plasma TV for 158 days, light a room for 9 573 hours and keep a fridge running for almost two whole years.

Another gym using machines that take care of the kinetic energy is Portland’s Green Microgym, who also used Technogym’s equipment. They claim to be using 85% less electricity with the equipment and reducing theirs carbo footprint to a tenth of a traditionally gym per square meter.

Kinetron has developed a range of Micro Generators, which is generators with a diameter of only 4 mm. The micro generators has claw-pole stators and a multi-pole magnet, which leads to relatively high power output. They use their generators in watches, mobile phones and pedal illumination systems for an example.