To discuss the future we have to talk about the present. In today’s society obesity is starting to spread, and right now in 2017 it’s more than 73 000 000 people that live with a dangerously amount of weight. To live a better life they’ve to lose some of their weight and gyms are an excellent place to do that. Another problem in our society is the energy crisis and the solution to that is green and renewable energy. Isn’t amazing that we can combine the solutions and solve two of the biggest challenges in the world? The answer is what we have talk about – gyms driven by kinetic energy. In the future where the technology is invented, gyms could operate by their work out machines driven by kinetic energy. It could mean the society would need less electricity from fossil and not-green electricity, and at the same time help people to a better lifestyle. Just imagine, gyms as power station in the world driven by the movement of us people. Amazing.