By: Anton, Ellen, Lukas & Teo

About us and the project

Hey! It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ellen and I’m the writer, and let me introduce you to my amazing group. Teodor and Anton is the ones who has used CAD to make work-out machines so we can show you how all the technique works, and Lukas is the one who has made this website’s design. The theme of this project is, as you maybe already know, green and renewable energy. We choose to make our work about taking care of the kinetic energy at gyms and making it to electrical energy. The idea is to make gyms produce their own electricity. And why may do you ask? Well, in todays society we consume a lot of energy in different forms and we have started to try to make and consume green energy. Gyms, as we see it, are power banks where it’s easy to use the kinetic energy to power the gyms it-self. It would help the environment and at the same time make use of the energy that otherwise would go to spill. 


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